This T-Shirt funds will support our FAVE Boating Program.                      FAVE Boating Expeditions offers a variety of boating excursions for our Veterans, Military Service Members and Gold Star Families whose life has been touched and forever changed by the death of a Fallen Warrior. In addition we provide these boating expeditions to any Veteran, Military Service Member, Law Enforcement or Fire Fighter (active or retired) as a way of saying Thank-You for their service. Our goal is to honor, support and promote healing of the mind and spirit in a relaxed environment. Our boats include a 25' Avalon-Tahoe pontoon that is customized to handle up to two wheelchairs and a 23' Carolina Skiff Bay Boat with a power pole.

Proceeds from this 3rd T-Shirt will help us to provide one of our fishing trips, river cruises or a trip to an island for our American Heroes in 2019.

Will be offered starting September 1st - October 1st

Will be offered starting June 15th - July 15th

Close up of shirt back design

This T-Shirt funds will support our Forever A Warrior Program.                  For thousands of years civilizations have supported their warriors with time honored wisdom, traditions and ceremonies to help them reintegrate into society after they have returned from war. Modern society has lost touch with the importance of transitioning the warrior from the battlefield so that they can return home and move toward living a happy and meaningful life. In this program we will begin by assisting the Warrior to understand their own unique personality traits and how these influence their everyday life without even being aware of them. Then we will provide guidance, tools and techniques, allowing the Forever A Warrior, to leave behind the battlefield and adapt to a life without feeling the need to still be on duty. We believe that when this retreat has concluded the Forever A Warrior will be filled with optimism for a rich and fulfilling life while at the same time, being able to tend to their wounded soul.

Proceeds from this 2nd T-Shirt will help to provide this program to our warriors in 2019.

This T-Shirt funds will support our MWP Retreat Center Program. ​            My Warrior's Place offers a relaxed tropical setting nestled on the Little Manatee River in Ruskin, FL. Currently the property consists of an office, four 1-bed/1-bath cottages, two studios, three RV spots and a Laundromat. Amenities include, but are not limited to, canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, paddle boats, roundabouts, fishing equipment, a fire pit, dog park area, outdoor event area, screened in patios, a basketball goal, bicycles, exercise room, hammocks, a putting green, boat launch area and docks.This property provides a safe haven where healing can begin for our Veterans, Military Service Members, First Responders, Gold Star, Blue Star and Silver Star Families. 

Proceeds from this 1st T-Shirt will help us to renovate the newly purchased 2bed/2bath cottage in the front area.

Starting in 2019, My Warrior's Place will create a Limited Edition, artist designed, T-Shirt as a way to raise funding by the people who want to support our American Heroes and are proud to support My Warrior's Place. The T-Shirts will be sold 4 times during the year. The design for the year will be the same but a different color T-Shirt will be offered each time. Funds raised for each time a T-Shirt color is being sold will go to a specific program provided by My Warrior's Place. Choose which program(s) you want to support and get your T-Shirt(s) for 2019! 

Below shows when they will be sold, the color T-Shirts being offered & what Program it will support. 

Will be offered starting November 1st - December 1st

This T-Shirt funds will support our Everyday Hero USA Program.         Everyday Heroes USA program assists our local heroes and their families who have suffered a catastrophic event, such as a life-threatening disease, fire, or flood. 
Realizing money is not the only thing needed during a time of crisis, we meet practical needs as well. Individuals and local business owners help meet those needs at no cost to the family. Our program matches individuals and families with available resources within our communities.
OUR MISSION: Everyday Heroes USA is dedicated to assisting the current and past men, women, and families of the fire department, law enforcement, and military.

Proceeds from this 4th T-Shirt will help us to provide financial assistance and/or practical need items for our American Heroes in 2019 and make sure that their children have a Holiday with presents.

Limited Edition Artist Designed T-Shirts

Will be offered starting April 15th - May 15th