Engraved bricks can be purchased and placed around the memorial which was completed in June 2014 or the brick can be placed in front of the Court of Flags or around the Fire Pit.     All dog tags donated will be hung among the rafters. 

To donate a dog tag for this tribute memorial please send one dog tag and one chain to: 

My Warrior's Place c/o Kelly Kowall    *    101 22nd Street NW #112    *    Ruskin, FL 33570


Respect & Remember

Tribute Memorial

This memorial is to honor all those who die while in service to our country and to honor all veterans who die due to their service.

This memorial is the first in the State of Florida to honor all of our Military Service Members, Veterans, Fire Fighters and Law Officers who paid the ultimate price while keeping us safe, secure and free.  

The spectacular 57" tall fountain is placed upon a cement pad located under a 20'x20' gazebo. The fountain is surrounded by a brick patio which includes engraved bricks. It also contain 2 stone benches, a military statue of a warrior kneeling at the soldier's cross and is beautifully landscaped with potted plants. Additionally we are hanging dog tags from the ceiling of the gazebo to create a special tribute wind chime.