Shooting Competition

The Shooting Event is sponsored by ECS Tech & will be hosted by Gun Craft and Combat Speed LLC
This is an individual competition and this part of the event will be held on Saturday and Sunday at Gun Craft’s Outdoor Range located at 2102 24th Street SE Ruskin, FL 33570. Event will be a fixed time, specific number of rounds on steel targets using both a Glock17 9mm and an AR15 223Cal. with iron sights on both. Firearms and ammunition will be provided. Bring your own eye and ear protection or you can purchase from Gun Craft. Shooters will be notified of day and time they compete and must be 18 years of age or older.

Combat Speed LLC

GPS is not always right!

Entrance is off of 24th. 

GPS instructions sometimes try to make you turn on road prior to the entrance. 

Combat Speed LLC