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For thousands of years, civilizations have supported their heroes with time-honored wisdom, traditions, and ceremonies to help them recover and reintegrate into society after they have experienced trauma and moral injury during their service. Modern society has lost touch with the importance of assisting these heroes recover so they may return with honor, and continue living a full, productive and meaningful life.


Project Corregidor is not a counseling service, but endeavors to help close the gap on the lost art of these timeless reintegration traditions by providing direct support, activities, guidance, and resources to lift up and aid service members, veterans, law enforcement, first responders, Gold Star Family members and the immediate families of all of these heroes.


Unfortunately, service to our nation - both abroad and on the home front - often leaves lasting, negative impacts to both those who served and also with their most intimate relationships. These negative impacts can include PTS, moral injuries and deep grief, among others. These residual traumas, if left unaddressed, can lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices, risk-taking behaviors, deteriorating relationships, self-harm and even death by suicide. For these reasons, Project Corregidor programs are designed to assist these heroes in the healing process from the negative, residual impacts of their service and incurred traumas. Our programs begin by assisting these American heroes to better understand their own unique personality traits, and how these traits influence their everyday life and decisions - often without even being aware of them. By teaching proven skills and techniques, our heroes will acquire the necessary tools to leave behind their trauma, grief and hyper vigilance, and also to adopt a new, more enjoyable and rewarding life. We will dispel many of the myths associated with grief, and provide our heroes a framework to help them move forward from the tragedies and grief incurred during their service. The programs also help our heroes learn to nurture and heal relationships damaged by the residual effects of their traumatic experiences and grief, and how to create satisfying, new relationships outside of the bond of their service to our nation. 


Project Corregidor exists to provide much needed support, activities, guidance, resources and special retreats that will provide our American heroes with healing for their wounded soul, and optimism for a rich, fulfilling life and future ahead. Our programs are provided at no cost to those who have honorably served or are currently serving our nation honorably. We are discrete for your privacy and protection, which means those still in service can attend while on Leave or vacation, and their attendance will be “off the books.”

We are excited to announce that Project Corregidor is incubating another great program called Operation Solid 7. Once on their own as a 501 (c) (3) Operation Solid 7 will continue to partner with Project Corregidor from time to time to best support our American Heroes and their families. For more information on Operation Solid 7 go to this link to learn more:  WWW.SOLID7.ORG



This 3 day/3 night program will support our American Heroes by assisting them to draw upon their own strengths and to develop healthy coping mechanisms. To have a better understanding of themselves and how to build better relationships moving forward. The program, as well as all food and lodging, is at NO COST to those who have honorably served our county keeping us safe, secure, and free. 

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