18 bands will battle it out to find out who will be the BEST of the BEST.

We will have 4 events, dates will be, Oct 6th, March 8th, June 7th and the GRAND FINALE will be in Oct. of 2020 to announce the BEST OF THE BEST. 



Westgate River Ranch & Rodeo Resort and Trophy Hammock Outfitters have partnered with My Warrior's Place to provide a RESORT STAY & WILD GAME HUNT in January 2021!.



Each year in February, MWP hosts the Battle of the Bay by Land, Sea & Air. This fundraiser consists of two Dinners and a weekend of Individual & Team Competitions! 



Kelly Kowall, President and Founder of My Warrior's Place, and Louise Sutherland-Hoyt, Program Director of the Project Corregidor Program are available as speakers.



Please visit our store for items such as T-Shirts, Hats, Memorial Bricks, Kelly's Book, Pins, Bracelets, Raffle Tickets and other cool stuff that when purchased supports the cause!


The BOOK everyone is talking about!

This book has received high accolades from a wide audience of readers and although it can make you laugh, it has also brought strong macho men to tears.


    "My Life After..." is the true story of Kelly Kowall's life starting one week before the death of her son, who was killed in action, while stationed in Afghanistan. It chronicles the struggle of going through a divorce while having to bury a son. It covers how Kelly's son contacts her from heaven and all the miracles that have happened in her life since his death. It also shares her story about feeling that God has given her a burning bush sign which sets her out on a course of founding a non-profit called My Warrior’s Place and creating a retreat center with less than $500.00 and nothing else but her faith. This book also takes the reader on her journey of taking a devastating tragedy and turning it into something that will honor her son, but more importantly, making a positive difference in the lives of others.


Anyone who has ever endured the death of a loved one will relate to the many ups and downs that one faces with a sudden loss. It gives hope that you can triumph from life’s blows.  


Limited Edition of Artist Designed T-Shirts

Each year, My Warrior's Place will create a Limited Edition, artist designed, T-Shirt as a way to raise funding by the people who want to support our American Heroes and are proud to support My Warrior's Place. The T-Shirts will be sold 4 times during the year. The design for the year will be the same but a different color T-Shirt will be offered each time. Funds raised for each time a T-Shirt color is being sold will go to a specific program provided by MWP. Choose which program(s) you want to support and get your T-Shirt(s) for 2019!


4/15/19 - 5/15/19  (Green).. T-Shirts support MWP Retreat Center

7/01/19 - 7/30/19  (Red)….  T-Shirts support Project Corregidor

09/1/19 - 10/1/19  (Blue).… T-Shirts support FAVE Boating Expeditions

11/1/19 - 12/1/19  (Sand)… T-Shirts support Everyday Heroes USA