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My Warriors Place has partnered with Santa this holiday season to help you get back on the Nice List!



Santa SHARE THE LOVE Xmas 2020
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Happy Holidays

TO: MY Warriors place

From: You

Share the love challenge

KISS will get you a SHOUT OUT on our Facebook page helping YOU get on the Nice LIST a little Faster!

Santa challenge share

---------After sending your virtual HUG or KISS, Complete the Challenge Below---------

You have ALMOST secured your spot on the NICE LIST!

Now all you have to do is challenge your Naughty list friends!

 Share it with 3 or more of your friends. Santa says that if you can achieve this goal then you will have secured your spot on the

Nice List! 


Click the button below to challenge your friends on Facebook and/ or copy and paste the text below for E-Mail

Share Via Email (copy this text below and paste into an email): 



I am emailing you to let you know that I have just completed the SHARE THE LOVE CHALLENGE and have secured my place on Santa’s “Nice List”!


My virtual donation to My Warriors Place was a great way to thank the non-profit for all that they do for our American Heroes and their families.


 I now challenge you to complete the SHARE THE LOVE CHALLENGE this holiday season to give My Warriors Place some holiday gratitude too. 


AND best of all…. It will get you on Santa’s “Nice List” and eliminate all possibility of finding a lump of coal in your stocking!


To take the challenge go to 

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